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Sometimes, tourists make purchases of certain products that are prone to obtaining a tax reduction, how can they do it?

You must be careful, not all tourists can.

Next, we tell you everything so that you are informed about the requirements, how and where to carry out this tax claim.

What do we need to claim the tax refund in Spain?

We can claim the VAT of some products in Spain as long as we meet the following requirements:

  • We must not be a resident in any of the countries that make up the European Union or reside in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.
  • That the total amount of purchases made exceeds € 90.15.
  • Commitment to bring the products purchased to our place of residence before 90 days since we acquired it.
  • Fill in the necessary documentation (you do not have to worry if you do not know the procedures to follow, we will explain everything throughout the post).

There are some products or services against which you cannot request a VAT refund such as hotel bills, restaurants or purchased food, as it does not fall within the established requirements.

If we meet all the requirements, then we will ask …


How and where can we make a claim for the tax refund in Spain?

There are two ways to claim VAT on products purchased in Spain:


Request the return of taxes in the store where we buy the product

When we buy a product in any establishment, we must check if it is attached to the Tax Free system, which is the name by which this service is known. Although the store does not indicate it, we can ask directly, since there are establishments that perform this service even if they do not have the logo. The number of shops that have this adhesion depends on the city and the tourists that move through it.

When we know that this establishment offers Tax Free we can ask for the tax refund checks at the end of the purchase. The same establishment will complete them and seal them so that, later, we will go to the airport’s tax refund point with these checks, identification documents, purchased products and boarding pass. Customs will be responsible for sealing the checks so that we can collect that return at any exchange with the currency we want.


Tax refund through a collaborating entity

We also have the option to send the products to our place of residence so that we do not have to carry them ourselves in the suitcase, being, sometimes, an important weight. It is a service that we would have to request beforehand at the establishment and they will be in charge of finding the right transport company. In addition, it is a very useful option if we want to avoid bureaucratic procedures. Neither will the checks we talked about in the previous section be necessary, since they will be automatically deducted from the final invoice.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the tax refund, you can write us a comment or contact us by clicking here and we will solve it as quickly as possible.

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