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How can a tax advisor help me?

Having a tax advisor is essential for any company or person not resident in Spain, regardless of the size of the company, activities to which it is dedicated or where it is located.

The tax or tax advisor is someone who is used to save cost or pay less taxes to the State. But it goes well beyond that. He must also inform and advise his clients to do everything as established by law. This will mean saving unnecessary costs and optimizing the tax burden of natural or legal persons.

Therefore, a tax advisor is someone who is responsible for ensuring that a person or company is up to date with their tax obligations according to the law, being up to date with current regulations. In addition, it is also responsible for guiding them to obtain tax advantages such as taxation on the benefits and gains obtained, estate planning, investment tax administration or business tax planning.

Advantages of having legal advice in the tax field

calculo-de-tasas-fiscalesLegality becomes increasingly complex and, in general, the day-to-day life of people and / or companies that hire our tax advice services is usually complex, so it is difficult to keep up to date with what the law states and all the procedures that must be done.

Having a tax advisor ensures you act within the law, without taking risks or having scares with the Treasury. The tax advisor will maximize your tax burden by offering safe and profitable solutions to your clients. How? Analyzing, contrasting and investigating the information that your client handles in a personalized way providing adequate information to minimize tax settlements.

Which are the functions of a tax advisor?

As in most jobs there are countless functions for this position. The most prominent are:

  • Be up to date with regard to local or regional taxes. In addition, you must inform customers, residents or not, of the subsidies or deductions allowed by law, optimizing your business tax.
  • Management and presentation of all necessary documentation for the payment of the relevant annual taxes, as well as local taxes.
  • To face possible lawsuits, representing your client in front of the courts, the Tax Agency or the workers of the company if necessary.
  • Carry out a correct fiscal planning in the short and medium term, preparing the necessary resources and organizing the different payments that the client will have to make in the coming months.
  • Follow up on the required tax settlements so that they are completed in time, form and content.
  • Inform and present all the necessary information to the client about the tax regulations, possibilities, resources, subsidies, legal options or taxes among many other aspects.
  • Advise companies on the most appropriate legal formula for their economic activity according to their needs and objectives.
  • Creation of legal and economic audits to track your accounting.
  • Payroll management of a company’s workers.
  • Preparation of the annual accounts with the objective of correctly configuring the result of the economic activities carried out.

Obligations and responsibilities of the tax advisor

The tax advisor has civil, criminal or tax authorities,. Therefore, he is obliged to know in depth and know how to interpret the laws of the country and have a minimum of experience in the development of his work.

Why is the figure of the tax advisor necessary?

Currently, people who reside outside of Spain, in general, have the chip of the country of destination, ceasing to be up to date on everything related to the payment of taxes in Spain, so, the best thing to avoid fines is to have A tax advisor

On the other hand, in the business world it seems unthinkable not to have a tax advisor. This is synonymous with security and trust for its customers, being its objective in addition to reducing the tax burden of said client, which affects the operation as the development of the company are correct. A company without legal problems and with its current taxes is a company that gives a good image to the public, showing professionalism, security and a good reputation.



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