At Sagesa we devote all our efforts to consistently providing the highest possible level of service. We are known for the excellent quality we offer our customers thanks to motivated and dynamic staff who are proud of their good work. We provide all our staff with the necessary skills, refresher courses and training, both in tools and in new products, and gardening techniques. Our more than 20 management employees and 300 service staff employees are fully qualified in their respective positions to provide you with the best service. Likewise, our coordinators work closely with the respective client, and residential complexes that Sagesa manages along the Costa del Sol, so that they can provide an answer to any question posed with the fastest turnaround.

We boast the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate in all services we provide. We are the only multiservice company in Spain that has achieved such prestige, able to manage an entire residential Community, to provide a complete workforce or complement an existing one with the same level of quality.

Owner Upkeep


We want to be close to our customers. Therefore at Sagesa we are carrying out an expansion that extends our services all over the coast.

Owner Upkeep, with offices in La Cala Golf Resort is 100% Sagesa. With the same quality, we open our doors in the area of Mijas. Not only do we take care of your Community but we also concern ourselves with making our customers’ lives easier. Our customers can access the same catalogue of services, with the convenience of being closer to them.

The staff follows the same philosophy as Sagesa and they are fully qualified to solve any problems that arise, to provide any gardening or cleaning services requested by our customers, such as garden design, budgets, improvement of existing gardens, swimming pool maintenance, facility preventive maintenance, and electrical repairs, plumbing, etc.

Our expansion policy has enabled us to increase the number of Communities we manage, so we can negotiate with suppliers to improve market prices. This implies offering a quality product with economic advantages, thus ensuring our customers’ utmost satisfaction.