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tasas no residentes

Dear Owners:

The Spanish Government will automatically start sharing tax and asset information to countries such as Britain and Ireland on the there nationals living in Spain who are nonresident owners .

Previously this was only sent when requested.

Nonresident owners in Spain have by law to complete a non resident tax return each year. The amount payable is normally minimal, but does register the owners as non resident.

In the current situation if the Spanish tax authorities become aware of overseas owners, and no nonresident tax form is declared, these owners run the risk of being deemed resident for tax purposes by the authorities.

This a very large risk for what is a small charge each year.

SAGESA provides this service already for hundreds of owners. If you as an owners have never submitted your tax forms it’s not too late. SAGESA would be pleased to provide a very competitive fee for this service and take the ultimate worry away from you.

Should you wish more information or a quote please contact who will be more than happy to assist.


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