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How does it affect a neighborhood association?

In May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force. All organizations, regardless of the sector to which they were engaged, were affected, including neighborhood association. These are responsible for the processing of your data. Which do you deal with most frequently?

  • comunidad-de-vecinosInformation regarding the owners of the neighborhood association, data required for the proper functioning of the community.
  • Content of surveillance systems. The neighbors associations will be responsible for the recordings that can be made through the security systems established in the neighbors associations.
  • Information about workers. These are data that are collected in the employment contracts to be treated.

This information cannot be treated internally, without major significance. After the modifications implemented in the RGPD, all the neighborhood associations are obliged to register the activities of this treatment, where the objective of the possession of such data, the categories of personal data or transfers to third parties, among other aspects, are described, appearing before any higher body if necessary.

And if an adequate treatment of the data is not done?

The person (s) responsible for carrying out the treatment must be trained for it, the community being responsible for the treatment being carried out correctly. Otherwise, they may be penalized for their mismanagement. These penalties range from € 600,000 in up to € 20,000,000, depending on the severity, in the event that the old LOPD has been breached.

And you will wonder how can I know if it is being done well? The answer is simple, it is best to have a property administrator with references in the sector. It will give you the peace of mind that you are up to date on the new regulations. In addition to the search for references on the internet, you should also know if the property administrator you are hiring is registered, since if they are, they are more likely to be up to date, both he or she and all their staff, of everything necessary to be up to date on this topic.


Where can I find a good property administrator?

It is one of the easiest questions to answer, but it can be very difficult if you don’t get to the right place.

Sagesa is your ideal property administrator, since he has been serving the Costa del Sol for 35 years in the market. Crowds of neighboring associations have trusted her, since, in addition to her good treatment and service towards her clients, she negotiates with Suppliers to improve market prices. One of the highlights of Sagesa is its transparency, presenting fully structured and updated accounting information of its neighborhood association, as well as the results obtained in several languages.

Sagesa also carries out exhaustive follow-ups with the objective of monitoring the community daily and preventing some problems or finding the solution to those that are most effective. It also deals with thorough monitoring of delinquencies, as well as the legal issues thereof.

A final aspect to highlight is that Sagesa has the certificate in ISO Quality in Farm Administration.

Still have doubts about hiring a property administrator? Avoid problems and contact us.




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