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Technology has come to stay making all areas of our life easier and making our work easier. Yes, to neighborhood association too.

Thanks to new technologies, neighborhood association can pay online, make bank transfers, hire an online farm manager or program home automation systems in our home.

Neighborhood association are increasingly managed with technology, increasing productivity and work efficiency.

Smartphones, computers and existing applications in the market make us have great advantages at ridiculous prices and, in many cases, free.


How does technology affect neighborhood association?

  • Online payments


Pay the fee of the neighborhood association without losing waiting hours in the queue of the bank, just by making a bank transfer.

You can also find automatic payment machines in supermarkets and gas stations, being able to pay even in cryptocurrencies. It is a very effective system to pay the fees of the neighborhood association, avoiding to use cash and facilitating the payment to owners who reside outside of Spain.


  • Drones

More and more urbanizations use this device as a surveillance method and for maintenance tasks, since they are able to detect roofs that must be repaired, leaks of liquids or heat escapes among many other aspects and that would take a lot of time and danger to be analyzed by anyone.



  • Common spaces

The use of technology to manage common spaces is one of the preferred by neighborhood association. These can access the timetable of available facilities, seeing the availability of each of them and allowing to reserve the paddle tennis court or the jacuzzi from the mobile phone or computer for example.


  • Access the developments faster

Currently, biometric detectors (resident’s detection by fingerprint) and retinal scanners have appeared. They are used directly from the mobile phone when you approach the site have appeared. Both can be implemented in any neighborhood association at a very economical price.


  • Home diagnosis

Thanks to technology, technical diagnoses can be made avoiding that those responsible have to make unnecessary displacements. Technicians can remotely access the home control system, and use the diagnostic program that works in the background.

By means of the remote control of the sensors and devices of the house it is not necessary the presence of a technician to make the necessary adjustments.


  • Administrator of online farms


Until recently, the workday of the farm administrators was characterized by spending most of the day visiting urbanizations, answering the telephone or attending endless meetings.

Nowadays everything can be managed online, making the work much more efficient.

In the event that some kind of incidents or problems arise in the community, the owners will be informed instantly through their mobile devices, solving as soon as possible, saving time and improving the work performance of the farm manager.


  • Boards of technological neighbors

The neighbors have less and less time to attend community meetings in person. Therefore, more and more, meetings are held where videoconferences stand out. Here the owners can find out directly about the news or vote on some aspect.


Is your neighborhood association technological? You don’t wait any longer to start using the technology in it.

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