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When I consider selling my property or premises, an endless number of doubts may arise. One of them is responsibility towards the community and if I am obliged to communicate it. This question generates a lot of controversy among homeowners in a neighborhood community. According to article 9.1.i) of the Horizontal Property Law, it is obligatory to “Communicate to the person who exercises the functions of secretary of the community, by any means that allows proof of receipt, the change of ownership of the home or premises.”

Those who do not comply with this obligation will have to continue complying with the debts of the community after the transmission in solidarity with the new owner, except that the government bodies established in article 13 were aware that a change was going to be made. of ownership by any other means or by acts of the new owner, or even when this transmission is notorious.

It seems obvious that when selling my property it is best to inform the community, but there are many doubts about it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or ask here. However, we will answer your questions in future news.

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