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Hiring homeowners insurance has many advantages but we can make some mistakes that are very frequent. Next, we are going to tell you some of them:

  • Underinsurance

It occurs when a lower value is given to the insured good, either due to ignorance or to improve the premium in the community insurance policy. In the event of an accident, the compensation will be applied proportionally, that is, the damage suffered will be compensated valuing the proportion between the insured capital and the real value of the assets to be insured.

  • Keep making old policy mistakes

When we compare prices and offers of community insurance it is very frequent that we write down data of an older policy. To avoid this, it is better to complete the entire form again.

  • Cancel the previous insurance policy late

In case of canceling the current policy to hire another, we must do it one month in advance. Otherwise, it may cause us to have to pay both policies one month.

  • To think you know everything

You may be wrong if you do not let yourself be advised by people with experience in the sector such as administrators and / or insurance brokerages.

  • Choose insurance based on price only

The price is a fundamental factor when hiring insurance or not, but it should not be the only one to take into account, since by saving a little money, we can be harmed in the long term.

  • Not declare wood

Failure to declare the timber of the structure or the stairs can be a serious mistake in case of an accident, since the company will refuse the accident or give it compensation proportionally to the percentage of premium that the insured has saved.

  • Declare the reforms well

  • Do not declare heating

For some companies it is an indifferent data but in others it is a necessary data, since the conditions and the price of insurance vary.

  • Do not declare swimming pools or sports courts

Many may think that if they declare it, it can increase the likelihood of an accident and cost them more insurance. But it is better to declare everything on time than to regret it when it is too late.

  • Do it on the last day and in a hurry

It is a very common mistake to wait until the last moment and want to do everything in a matter of minutes, without being aware that sometimes the expert must go and approve it, with the time that this entails.


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