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diseño de jardines y mantenimiento

There are more and more environmental problems and catastrophes that, although a few years ago we saw them very far away, now they affect us directly. Therefore, we must increasingly apply sustainable development to everything around us.

In Sagesa we design gardens from sustainability, since we are very aware of the environment. From the beginning of the design, we try to use the available natural resources in the most efficient way possible, always respecting the regeneration capacity of the environment and trying to cause the least possible environmental impact.

We can say that we work with the concept of sustainability as a central axis, reflecting on the future of our projects and clients, with maximum responsibility and respect for the environment.

Why should you have a sustainable garden?

Sometimes, we find people who think very in the short term, their only strategy not being harmed in the next few days. They don’t take into account the future in the medium and long term. Luckily, society is increasingly aware of this, although much work remains to be done.

The idea of ​​sustainability looks for our longer-term well-being. Sustainability can be applied to many aspects of our life, being the design of gardens one of them.

From Sagesa we seek to stand out with each garden we design, analyzing the terrain to the maximum to avoid any unforeseen events, making your garden stand out, in addition to its sustainability, its beauty.

What criteria do we follow when designing of gardens and maintaining them?

Next, we are going to tell you the aspects that we consider during the study prior to the design of sustainable gardens:

  1. Analysis of the environment and the environment in which we will work to avoid unwanted problems during the work. Therefore, we will maximize the adaptation of all the elements that we use both to the climate and to the ground.
  2. Both our climate and the geographical area in which we find ourselves are excellent, but the waste of water is a big problem that could affect us a lot. Therefore, we get the most out of rainwater and irrigation. The designs we make are very focused on taking advantage of the spices we use, generating hydrozones with plants with similar water needs.
  3. We have controlled and dominate the work area, always respecting the biodiversity of the environment.
  4. To the best of our ability, we use native plants and materials adapted to the environment in which we are working, taking advantage of the resources available to us.
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