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The colleg of Property Administrators of Malaga and Melilla are working to send out information about the cleaning of facades and swimming pools after the “calima” (sand storm) episodes that we are experiencing these weeks and that have affected thousands of communities of owners in the province of Malaga.

Pool cleaning: For economic and environmental reasons it is recommended to clean the pool, without changing the water, with specific products for this purpose. The average cost of cleaning a 400 cubic metre pool would be four times less than emptying it.

Facades: Due to the characteristics of the dirt that has impregnated these surfaces, and in general terms, the most effective cleaning will be carried out with pressure washers.
However, it is advisable to find out beforehand whether it is advisable depending on the surface to be treated. On single-coat façades, without the subsequent paint coating, it may be necessary to repaint the façade to recover the original colour.


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