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Dear Client,

We previously alerted you to the restrictions imposed by the Andalusian Regional Government due to the severe and exceptional drought conditions affecting the Western Costa del Sol System, including municipalities such as Marbella, Mijas, and others. This situation has necessitated the activation of water-saving plans aiming for at least a 20% reduction in urban water supply, as detailed in BOJA Number 208 (October 30, 2023). We urge all citizens and facility managers, both public and private, to use water responsibly, collectively, and efficiently, by checking for leaks and implementing all possible measures to minimize unnecessary water use.

The following measures were implemented immediately upon the decree’s publication:

  • Watering of gardens, orchards, meadows, parks, or green and sports areas, public or private, is prohibited.
  • Washing of streets, sidewalks, or facades, public or private, is forbidden, except when authorized for health reasons. Water fit for human consumption must not be used for these purposes.Filling or refilling of private pools is banned.
  • Public showers and fountains are prohibited.
  • Car washing is only allowed at authorized establishments equipped with water recycling and recirculation systems.
  • Use of ornamental, recreational, or sports fountains and lakes, public or private, is prohibited unless they feature recirculation systems.
  • Utilizing water from fire hydrants without explicit written permission from the supply entity or the City Council is forbidden, except in case of fire.
  • Drinking water fountains are designated solely for this purpose, with all other uses restricted.
  • The Local Police are authorized to monitor and enforce compliance with these measures, reporting any violations to the Mayor’s Office. Offenses may result in fines, as dictated by current legislation.

sequiaThe emergency situation spans the entire Costa del Sol, prompting the Junta de Andalucía to declare a “serious and exceptional shortage” due to drought. In response, every Town Hall within our communities issued a proclamation in 2023, still effective, demanding maximum cooperation from its residents and enforcing water use restrictions.

As the situation persists, Acosol, the public company managing the complete water cycle for the Western Costa del Sol, along with Mijas Town Hall, have introduced new measures to manage water resources amidst the drought. This includes reducing water consumption and investing in infrastructure to secure supply.

Consequently, irrigation systems and the filling and cleaning of swimming pools are now prohibited until further notice. This applies to private gardens and pools within our community as well.

Considering the significant investment made over the years in the beautification and maintenance of gardens and pools, it would be utterly unacceptable to allow our green spaces to degrade to the point of becoming unrecognizable due to the current drought crisis. In light of this situation, we have implemented a robust operational system that enables our gardening team to continue with the manual care of all the community’s green areas and pools. This effort is aimed at minimizing vegetation loss, including plants, lawns, and shrubs, as well as preventing the evaporation of pool water and the deterioration of these facilities.

We are fully committed, having mobilized all our available resources, and are actively exploring all possible avenues to ensure the sustainability of our pools and gardens, thus avoiding any type of loss. Our goal is to preserve the viability of these shared spaces.

To clarify, here are the main measures introduced:

  • Supply regulation: Gradual reduction of water pressure throughout the Western Costa del Sol, including Mijas, starting February 21st.
  • Limitation: Water consumption reduced from 200 liters per inhabitant per day to 160 liters, as mandated by the Andalusian Drought Committee.
  • Usage restrictions: The prohibitions outlined in the Drought Decree remain, including the irrigation of gardens and golf courses with potable water, filling swimming pools, and vehicle cleaning.
  • Timetable limitations: Reduced water pressure at night, potentially resulting in supply shortages, especially in elevated areas and buildings without cisterns, from midnight to 6 a.m., except Saturdays.
  • Investments for supply: A new Decree-Law announces the expansion of the Marbella desalination plant and the construction of new desalination plants in Estepona and Fuengirola.
  • Sanctions: Penalties for excessive and irresponsible water use, with a focus on curtailing wasteful consumption. Mijas Town Hall is drafting new regulations with increased penalties.
  • Citizen collaboration: Appeals for reduced consumption and heightened awareness of water scarcity.
  • Ordinance and sanctions: These ordinances establish penalties for non-compliance with the measures.
  • Regional coordination: These measures have been agreed upon at the Costa del Sol drought tables, involving all municipalities, including Mijas, as well as the Mancomunidad and Acosol, along with all service providers in the region.

We deeply appreciate your cooperation and understanding in these challenging times.


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