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Dear all,
As you may well know Sagesa works with many international clients, one of these being Marriott Resorts where we have had a working relationship for over 20 years.

Marriott Resort are the parent company of Interval International, another company with which we have had a long history.

Due to this Interval have brought to us a program that they initially said could be only used by our staff, but after discussion they have opened this program for our staff and private clients.

In simple terms this program offers a certificate to any owner who wished to have one, this has no cost and is free.

This certificate with an individual code allows those owners who have claimed one to log on using their unique certificate to gain access to heavily discounted holiday accommodation at Marriott and Marriott managed resorts throughout the world. Unlike other programs this one includes discounts in high season and in highly sought after destinations, not just discounted low season accommodation.

Sagesa has no financial involvement or benefit or payment for passing this on to our owners as well as our staff. Again, to repeat the certificate have no costs for owners and are valid for 18 months.

For any further information on this discount, simply send us an email to with the reference “DREAM VACATION WEEK”.

Best Regards

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